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21st April 2020

Should I get a BALI registered landscaper?

If you’ve ever spent time looking for a landscaper, builder, or mechanic, you’ll know that finding a good, reliable person you can trust can be stressful and time-consuming. Worse still, your search can often prove unsuccessful, and the “professional” you hired could turn out to be really bad at his job. To make matters worse, one bad hire could have far-reaching consequences for you and your home. Are there ways to filter the good landscapers from the bad? In short - yes, and one of those ways is BALI.

What is BALI?

BALI stands for the British Association of Landscape Industries, which is an organisation that “supports and inspires over 1800 registered members”*. Established in 1972, BALI aim to be part of what helps consumers recognise quality landscapers. In fact, every single registered member of BALI must be assessed and found to meet the “highest standards of workmanship, skill, and health and safety practices”. There are plenty of landscaping companies in Leeds, but how can you spot a professional, reliable team amongst all the cowboys Fortunately, there are things in place to help you find somebody worth hiring. We’re going to discuss 3 reasons the BALI stamp of approval is worth looking for in your search for a great landscaper.

1. You’ll get the highest level of skill and quality, while saving time.

As stated on the BALI website, to be a registered member of BALI you must meet high standards of quality and skill. Meeting those criteria and becoming a member takes time and dedication, so you can be assured that landscapers who choose to do it value quality and commitment to great work. Seeing that a company has the BALI seal of approval assures you that they’ll be committed and dedicated to you as a customer too.

So instead of trawling through hundreds of options, wondering which will be able to create the garden of your dreams, you can narrow down your search to a handful of ones that have gone the extra mile to show you they’re not afraid to work hard. Of course, that’s not to say companies without the BALI logo do bad work, but why take the risk? It’s your dream garden after all.

2. You’ll be choosing a company that cares about the environment.

BALI supports and inspires its members “to be leaders of an environmentally, ethically and commercially sustainable landscape services industry”*. This means that any landscaping company who carries the BALI logo is expected to operate in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

At Firstlight we take that expectation seriously. Not only does it mean we won’t use toxic compounds or pollutants, it also means we’re open to creating new and innovative design options that make your garden eco-friendly, while still meeting all your needs. Whether it’s a green roof on your garden room, or using sustainable materials, we can incorporate it into your perfect garden.

3. You’ll get a whole team of people who are highly trained.

Just because the owner of a company sounds great, doesn’t always mean that employees are held to the best standards. To be BALI registered, however, a company has to train EVERY member of their company to meet the highest standards. When you choose a landscaping company that is a member of BALI, you don’t need to worry about a few rogue employees making a mess of your garden.

Every member of our team here at FirstLight is held to an extremely high level of quality and we’re proud to carry the BALI stamp of approval!

To find out more about what we do and how, check out our other blog posts here, or contact us using the details here!

*Official BALI website, February 2020.