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How much should you expect to pay for a new garden?

If you’re considering investing in your garden, one of the first questions you’ll have is; How much is this going to cost me? Searching online for images of gardens as inspiration will show you amazing looking gardens from all over the world, but unfortunately give you no indication of costing. Sadly many garden make-over programs also give a false impression that gardens are quick and inexpensive to put together and do not discuss landscaping prices.

At First Light Landscaping, we feel it is important to give you as much information as possible to help you understand what a realistic investment might be to create the garden you always wanted.

Things to consider when deciding what to invest in your garden;


It is useful to consider your new garden as an investment cost - as with any other home improvements such as a new extension, kitchen or bathroom. A bespoke, attractively designed and practical garden has the potential to raise the value of your home by 5-12% - just as a new kitchen or extension would! Also, if the time ever comes when you decide to move house, it can make selling much easier, after all the garden can be the first thing people will see.


We feel that today we could all benefit from spending more time outdoors and investing in your garden will allow you to do just that. Creating a new garden gives you a beautiful outdoor space in which to relax and unwind. It also creates a space to dine and socialise with friends and family. For kids, a new garden can be their adventure playground and somewhere for you to spend all important quality time with the family.


Today, we are all busier than ever and a lot of our clients are looking to reduce the time they have to spend maintaining their gardens and increase the time they spend enjoying them! A well thought-out garden can save hours every week in maintenance time.

What factors can affect price?

  • Complexity – A more complex project not only involves more work during the project, but also involves much more coordination and planning leading up to the commencement of the project
  • Access – We use a JCB Micro Digger that is able to fit through relatively small spaces. If your garden’s only access is through the house or through a neighbour’s property, this will make the project much more labour intensive for our team.
  • Materials – For example, concrete flags are far cheaper than sandstone paving. This may result in some savings, however we feel overall appearance of your garden may suffer a loss
  • Distance – Our team is based in North Leeds so for most projects more than 40 minutes travel away for our base, we will need to factor this into our cost.
  • Bespoke Design – A huge selection of fencing and decking products are available, however when we are commissioned to produce bespoke woodwork, such as gates and storage units, much thought has to be put into design, materials and production.
  • Waste Removal – Projects involving large amounts of excavation or complete remodelling of levels and heights make the project much more labour intensive and also increases the uses of transport or skip hire.

Based on the information above, we have selected a few of our recent projects to help you see what is possible in your garden within your budget. Please notice how the factors above affect the project cost.

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£2k – £5k

Walling and Raised Beds
Paving / Walling and Raised Beds
Composite Decking

£6k – £10k

Paving / Full Garden Build
Full Garden Build
Artificial Grass / Full Garden Build

£11k – £15k

Walling and Raised Beds / Full Garden Build
Walling and Raised Beds / Full Garden Build
Paving / Full Garden Build


Artificial Grass / Full Garden Build
Porcelain Paving / Full Garden Build
Resin Driveways / Full Garden Build