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How to Care for Sandstone Paving

30th November 2018

Sandstone is one of the most popular landscaping products around, and it’s easy to see why. Its warm colours, versatility and eye-catching finish make it a great choice for garden paving. But like all paving, it’s exposed to the elements of the Great British weather, so regular maintenance is essential to keep your sandstone looking its best. Read more…

How to Create Beautiful Lighting in Your Garden

15th October 2018

Enhancing your outdoor space with lighting shouldn’t be daunting. But given how we love to spend time in our gardens, it’s worth the investment to do it once, and do it properly. Read more…

How to Create a Low Maintenance Garden

24th September 2018

Life is short, and so are British summers.  Why not consider moving to a low maintenance garden? Read more…

The Benefits of Composite Decking over Timber

6th August 2018

Composite decking is one of the most stylish and versatile products anyone can add to their home. Cheaper in the long term, more durable, safer, more eco-friendly and with far less maintenance required, the benefits of composite decking far outweigh those over traditional timber. Read more…

7 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscape Gardener

1st July 2018

Why hire a professional landscape gardener? Here are seven reasons… Read more…

How to find a landscape gardener

1st May 2018

If you are an avid gardener you may baulk at the idea of hiring a professional. In fact, most people who absolutely love gardening have probably dreamed about giving up the day job and setting up as a landscape gardener from time to time. Have you ever wondered what is actually involved in landscape gardening and is there any need to hire a professional? If hiring a professional, how much will landscape gardening cost? Read more…