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Google 5 / 5 • 62 reviews
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How to Take Care of Your Composite Decking

15th April 2021

Composite decking is one of our most popular products, and one of the main reasons for this (other than its durability) is that it’s incredibly low maintenance. Read more…

Our Full Garden Design and Build Service

15th March 2021

FirstLight Landscaping Ltd have recently adjusted their operations to focus on Full Design and Build projects. What does this mean for our new customers? And why have we chosen to make this adjustment? We thought we’d best write a post explaining why we’ve streamlined our services.  Read more…

What are Setts and Why are They Useful?

1st September 2020

When designing your garden, it’s imperative that you find the perfect balance between form and function. You want your garden to look fantastic, but it should be easy to maintain and long-lasting too. Read more…

5 reasons Composite Decking would be perfect for your garden!

20th August 2020

We’re here to discuss 5 reasons why composite decking is such a popular choice, why it would be a fantastic addition to any garden, and how you should take care of it once it’s part of your lovely home. Read more…

Should I get a BALI registered landscaper?

21st April 2020

Are there ways to filter the good landscapers from the bad? In short - yes, and one of those ways is BALI. Read more…

Do I need a Garden Designer?

5th March 2020

Whether you’ve been thinking about a new garden for months, or even years, it’s likely you’ve got a good idea of what features you’d like that garden to have. At FirstLight, we’ve worked with a wide range of customers – from those who have an exact idea of what they want and where, to those who don’t even know where to start. One of the most common questions we get from many of those customers is this: do I need a garden designer? Read more…

How can I avoid a sinking driveway?

12th May 2019

It’s a sad reality that sometimes builders cut corners, leaving their customers with terrible problems…we’ve all seen an episode or two of cowboy builders, right? Maybe it’s a bad experience you or a neighbour has had that’s led you to seek help here? Maybe you’re disappointed with the less-than-reassuring promises of contractors you’ve already spoken to? In fact, on researching this blog post, this writer was shocked to find that a lot of local builder’s websites tell you to expect sinking!

At Firstlight Landscaping we do no such thing. We’re going to detail all the reasons you can expect a driveway we install to stand the test of time, by showing you the methods we use to overcome common problems.
Read more…

Instructional Video - Copings and Steps

8th March 2019

Have you had trouble with your steps and copings coming loose? Watch and learn to see how FirstLight Landscaping ensure that this won't happen in the future. Read more…

6 Reasons You Should Choose Porcelain Paving Tiles

8th March 2019

At Firstlight we use many different products, but we’ll always have our favourites, and there’s one simple reason why – they produce fantastic results every single time. But of course, there are many other reasons to choose them, and here are just a few reasons we love porcelain paving tiles. Read more…

10 Top Tips on How to Care for Your Lawn in Winter

18th January 2019

While it’s tempting for us to take the winter off when it comes to looking after our gardens, there are still a few things we can do to care for our lawns. We provide some tips on how to look after your lawn during the winter, and how to get it into the best possible shape for the spring.
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