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Specialising in quality landscaping and driveways, we have over 10 years experience of transforming home gardens and commercial areas into beautiful, modern or traditional outdoor living environments.

We deliver landscape gardening projects of any size, from small gardens to large parks and estates. We have a proven track record in providing our customers with the highest quality of work and a first-class experience.

We have a professional approach to landscaping and provide quality workmanship, supplying and fitting a wide variety of landscaping products for projects of any size.

If you're looking for a highly-recommended landscaping company to work on your project in Leeds, Harrogate or Kirklees, get in touch for a free consultation call.

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Meet the team

Liam Pickering

As Projects Manager, Liam makes sure everything on your project is running smoothly. Liam is there every step of the way throughout the project to ensure that your garden reaches it's full potential.

Liam and Neal are the founders of Firstlight Landscaping Ltd, starting the company at 19, they have worked together since school to build a successful and forward-thinking landscaping company.

Neal Baker

As Head Designer, Neal provides our clients with a sterling service from the initial Consultation phonecall to the Completion of the Project. Combining extensive knowledge of the trade and a keen eye for detail, Neal produces designs that will satisfy all your needs for your garden and more.

Liam and Neal are the founders of Firstlight Landscaping Ltd, starting the company at 19, they have worked together since school to build a successful and forward-thinking landscaping company.

Jemima Humphreys

Jemima is a key member of the office staff. She is always ready to help you with any queries you may have and she strives to give our clients a top-class service from the very first phone call.

Louis Senior

Joining Firstlight in 2013 as a general labourer, Louis has become a complete all-rounder. He is able to turn his hand to every task with a high level of skill and attention to detail. Louis is a highly valued member of the FirstLight team with an amazing career ahead of him. Louis currently acts as a Site Manager within the Leeds branch.

Dave Horner

Dave is a trained joiner, and worked for several years solely in joinery during his apprenticeship, he then brought his woodworking skills into the world of landscaping when he joined First Light Landscaping in 2012.

Robert Griffith

Robert comes from a landscaping background and previously ran his own business. In 2021, he became part of our team as is now one our Site Managers.

Jake Ryan

Jake ran his own landscaping company for many years, but joined our team in 2024 to work as a site manager.

Declan Cartwright

Declan has been part of the team since 2013, when he started out as a labourer. He now works in the office caring for office organisation and specialising in graphic design, social media content, and business development.

Mariusz Iwanicki

Despite being the most senior member of the team, there is nothing that Mariusz cant do. Having worked in most trades at some point in his life, Mariusz is able to put his hand to anything. With a passion for perfection, it is a pleasure having someone on the team with such attention to detail.

Ian Parker

After several years working in the landscaping industry, Ian (or Fez) joined our team in 2021. 

Jack Spencer


Jordan Braithwaite

Jordan joined our team in Autumn 2020 and is working as a labourer.

Rich Harrison

Rich has a background in general construction and roofing and joined our team in 2020.

Tom Harrison


Murphy Smith


Kyle Clayton

Kyle joined our team in 2024.

James Parker

James joined our team in 2024

Bradley Kenny

Bradley joined our team in 2024.

Kieran Palliser

Kieran joined our team in 2024.

Stuart Wilkins

Stuart has been in the landscaping industry for several years, managing his own landscaping firm. He is now working as a site manager as part of our team based in Huddersfield.

Mark Wilkins

Mark is part of our team based in Huddersfield.