15 May 2021

Porcelain paving – durable, low-maintenance, and a great aesthetic – just three of the reasons porcelain paving is one of the most popular choices for UK homeowners. We’ve spoken more about why we love it here, but in today’s post we’re going to look at the best way to care for and clean your porcelain paving, and how doing so can extend the life and look of this great garden feature.

Fortunately, porcelain paving is very easy to clean and maintain, so it’s not a long read!

Firstly, why is porcelain paving so low-maintenance?

Where natural stone can be a little more temperamental, porcelain paving is fired at very high temperatures, making it impermeable to dust, mould, moss, and water. This means that most dirt and debris simply sits on the surface, only requiring a small amount of maintenance.

Day-to-day cleaning

As with most of our favourite products, porcelain paving is very easy to keep clean on a daily basis. Most brands are non-porous, meaning they don’t absorb moisture, or dirt and grime, so any soft-bristle broom should be enough to sweep away debris, leaves and dirt.

Our lovely British rainy weather should be enough to wash away any dirt you don’t have time to sweep, but if we’re having a dry spell, a dash of white cider vinegar or washing up liquid in a bucket of warm water will wash most things away. You can even use a mop if the debris is a little more stubborn. Please keep in mind that water build-up could potentially lead to limescale if there isn’t sufficient drainage, so using a rubber brush to push away excess water from those areas can prevent any unnecessary build-up.

(Please also note that we keep things like this in mind with every garden design we do, and any design we produce will aim to minimise issues like this everywhere it’s possible to do so.)

Those two simple methods should keep your paving looking fresh the whole year round, but what if your porcelain tiles are exposed to more serious spills or potential stains?

How to remove stains from porcelain paving

Porcelain paving is made to be far more resistant to natural stone, even if our eyes can’t really see the difference, so it’s resistant to most stains, scratches, and abrasions. However, no material is completely perfect, and neither is everyone who visits your garden, so there may be times where you need to remove potential stains from its surface. A pressure washer is a safe and effective way to get rid of any stains that your sweeping brush wont, and it’s safe for every brand of tile we use. If you’re unsure about your own porcelain tiles, get in touch with the manufacturer to double check. Simply set up your pressure washer and give the whole thing a once over!

Top tips for cleaning porcelain paving tiles

  • Sweep away debris once or twice a week to prevent any build up.
  • Use warm water with a drop of white vinegar or washing up liquid, and gently mop any dirt that’s a little more stubborn to remove.
  • If you have a paved area that’s been around for a while, use a rubber brush to stop pools of water sitting in spots with low-drainage.
  • Get out your trusty pressure washer to give the whole paved area a once-over, and to rid the area of any stains or stuck-on dirt.

And that’s it! It really is that easy.

If you’d like a garden that incorporates porcelain paving but don’t quite know where to start, why not think about using our garden design service? There’s no obligation to have the garden build right after, but it’s a great way to plan your project in advance. Find out more on our Garden Design Service page or get in touch via our Contact page when our next set of consultations slots become available.