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Google 5 / 5 • 62 reviews
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8th March 2019

At Firstlight we use many different products, but we’ll always have our favourites, and there’s one simple reason why – they produce fantastic results every single time. But of course, there are many other reasons to choose them, and here are just a few reasons we love porcelain paving tiles.

1. Strength

There’s a misconception that accompanies the word porcelain: that it’s delicate and weak. You might be thinking about your dear grandma’s tea set and thinking, “it wouldn’t last two minutes outside!”. But, porcelain paving tiles are made to be twice the thickness of standard indoor tiles. This makes them incredibly durable, and hard-wearing – perfect for any home or area that will be subject to lots of foot traffic.

2. Aesthetic

Available in a wide range of designs and finishes, porcelain tiles always create a fantastic finish. They are available in styles such as wood, stone, and concrete, and yet are far easier to maintain than each of the original materials

3. Resistant to the elements

Ceramic tiles are non-porous, meaning that they do not absorb water. This makes them resistant to moss, mould, and any other kind of damage that comes with water absorption. It even means that they are 100% frost-proof.

4. Scratch-resistant

The strength of porcelain tiles mean that they are more resistant to scratches than natural stone, or concrete. This means that over time your paved area will still look fresh and new.

5. Resistant to stains

Another great result of the non-porous material, is the fact that it is resistant to stains. That means that no matter what you spill during your time in the garden, your paving will look as perfect as it did on the day it was fitted.

6. Easy-maintenance

The unique composition of porcelain tiles mean that they are incredibly easy to maintain. No moss, mould, or stains mean that upkeep is as straightforward as a light, soapy wash. The less time you spend cleaning them, the more time you can enjoy your outdoor space, and the longer your paving will last.

Those are just a few of the reasons we here at Firstlight consider porcelain paving a superior product, and why we recommend it to customers who want a fantastic final aesthetic, but without the flaws and maintenance of other popular paving products.

To talk about the design of your space, and how porcelain paving tiles could be incorporated, call Firstlight Landscaping for a consultation now.