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Google 5 / 5 • 62 reviews
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Full Garden Build

Garden Design & Landscaping by FirstLight Landscaping Ltd

Garden Design Brief

Our clients for this project initially contacted us in November 2019 to help them redesign their garden.

Because of their two dogs, our client’s lawn had been badly damaged. The garden also had drainage problems, so the lawn would become totally unusable after wet weather.

Our clients wanted something that would be suitable for their dogs and something that would be low-maintenance and stress-free so they could both enjoy their garden after a long day at work.

Our clients also planned to purchase a hot tub, so we designed the decking area in a way that the workings of the hot tub could be easily accessed, and we also planned to have a tension wire fence installed to create privacy for that area of the garden.

Landscaping and Construction

In May 2020, after the design was finalised and a quotation was provided, we started construction on the project in Wetherby and it took just over three weeks to complete. We designed the garden using easy-to-maintain materials such as artificial grass, composite decking and granite paving.

Even though the areas for planting are minimal in this garden, our clients still felt it was worth getting professional help to choose the plants for their garden, so we provided a planting plan that would make their garden look stunning.

We were so pleased to see this garden completed. The dogs love their new lawn and our clients have been making the most of their patio and decking area during the summer months.