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Google 5 / 5 • 62 reviews
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1st July 2018

1. They know what they are doing

Hiring a reputable professional landscape gardener means you are paying for their experience, expertise, time, equipment and materials. They will be able to discuss your vision and tailor your garden design to your exact needs, taking into consideration your taste, lifestyle, budget and how it will be used. Their expertise is invaluable in advising on all the practicalities based on the site. They will understand how best to work with the type of soil present, climate and drainage, and which plants will thrive in such conditions. They will also be adept at navigating challenges such as water-logged soil, slopes, rocks, pipes, cables and complex tree root systems. They will be able to afford the best quality equipment and tools as well as being experienced at working them. Should any setbacks arise during the project they will also be able to advise on how best to deal with them. Finally, a professional landscaper will also finish each aspect of the project to a high standard (no wonky pavings or leaking fountains) and future-proof it to ensure it lasts a long time (years and even decades). To give you an idea of the wide range of possibilities, landscape gardeners can install: walls, fences, decking, paving, lighting, artificial grass, trees/plants, turf, electric gates, roller gates, standard gates, tarmac, new driveways, sheds, gazebos, greenhouses, water features and entire show gardens.

2. It’s cost-effective and you’re more likely to stay in budget

If you don't already have a sizeable stash of tools, these can be expensive to buy and hiring them adds the pressure of having to return them undamaged! It is also worth taking into consideration that an expert will have reliable suppliers in place and will usually be able to negotiate good prices on materials. It is easy to underestimate the budget when doing it yourself. There are a lot of practical considerations involved in garden landscape cost; there may also be numerous aspects of the work that you might not have considered, such as drainage, plumbing, brick laying, electrical wiring, paving, fencing, joinery or painting. They will also be able to recommend what is achievable based on your budget and suggest cheaper alternatives if necessary. Having a ballpark quote before work begins prevents any expensive surprises cropping up later on.

3. They will save you time and work to a deadline

uch large time-consuming projects often get put on the back burner when you attempt to complete them yourself. Life gets busy, things always take longer than you anticipate, how-to videos are not always easy to follow and materials might be more difficult to obtain than expected. By hiring a professional, you will have a realistic idea of the timelines your dream garden can be completed by. For larger jobs there will be a team in place ensuring the work is completed in a shorter time-frame than if you were working single-handedly. Furthermore, they will know the most efficient order to complete all the different aspects of the work and be able to apply time-saving tricks of the trade. The professionals will also be equipped to work in challenging weather conditions, minimising any delays to completion. All these factors allow you to spend more time enjoying the finished project. They will also take into consideration how much maintenance you are willing to put in once the garden is completed, which will save you time in the future.

4. It’s easier to visualise the end result

Once you have discussed your ideal garden design, they can create a 3D representation of the design so you can visualise more clearly what the end result will look like. This allows you to modify the design, add or remove features and make any changes earlier in the planning process, rather than once the work has already started, saving you time and money.

5. They can suggest new ideas

A professional with years of experience may be able to suggest ideas you hadn’t even considered or make something achievable that you thought wasn’t possible. For example, they might suggest how you can attract more wildlife, achieve more privacy or suggest an irrigation system that reduces your water meter bills. Furthermore, you will pick up a wealth of tips and advice while they are working on your garden that will come in useful in the future.

6. You’re less likely to get injured

Landscaping requires strength, flexibility and stamina. However fit and healthy you may be, big garden projects can lead to aches and pains, backache, sunburn, lacerations or pulled muscles if you are not used to it. A professional landscape contractor will be fully insured, approved by the relevant regulatory bodies and have a comprehensive health and safety policy in place. With an expert team on site you are much less likely to injure yourself or create hazards that may injury your family.

7. It adds value to your property

Having your garden professionally landscaped means it will be completed to a very high standard and complement the style of your home and the surrounding area, making it very attractive to future buyers. Professional landscaping can substantially increase the value of your property, by as much as 10%.